Introduction: Mario Mobile (republish)

Hello from France!

I'll try to create a funny mobile for my futur boy, is coming in couple of month

the tools:

- Find some picture you want to reproduce on wood

- Different piece of wood

- Different size of wood rod

- Wood Glue

- Small wood saw (with a slim blade)

- Different color of paint

- Cotton string

- Bleach (optionnal)

Step 1: Find the Inspiration

Find the themefor your mobile.

a little bit fan of mario game, my theme have chose quite fastly

I'll try to find different type of piscture.

I print the picture at the great size i need it.

Step 2: Made the Little Figurine

I'm sorry but i totaly forgot to take some picture to create a step of my made.

i cut the different picture and i'll glue it on the little piece of wood

- when is dry, it's much more easyer to make on form with the saw.

- you need a lillte bit of patience to create the little personnage. finish the contour with a wood file

- sand the paper face to discover the wood.

- with a pencil, i'll reproduce the original picture on the the wood

- I use a 01shot paint for the painting and you can see the result on the picture.

Step 3: Prepare the Stick and the Woodenstar on the Middle

for the stick:

you need two peices, one at 80cm and a second at 35cm

cut a little piece of each baguette on the thickness, like that you can incline the smallest

at the angle you expect is the best.

do a hole in the middle, insert dowel and glue it.

For the wooden star:

- i cut a circle piece and six baguette of 13cm

Step 4: Prepare the Figurine

cut the cotton string and make a knot on each side

in a cup, i put the string inside and cover it with a bleach to make it white

(be careful: don't leave the string to long time in the cup, because is can be turn in yellow :/ )

with the figurine

make a small hole on the top of each figurine to insert the string

and do the same with the wooden star.

For more of solidity i'll add some woodglue in each hole.

Step 5: Final Step

for fixing the stick on the bed, i'll create a piece of wood on "C" shape

one fixed on the bottom base of the stick

and one slide a long of the stick like that when the two "C" arrived on the bottom

he cach the top border of the bed.

Now leave your inspiration working.

(sorry for my English and if you have some questions I try to give a answer soon as possible and add some more picture when i'm done ^^)

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