Introduction: Mario Question Block Tissue Box

This instructable- 'Mario question block tissue box' is all about making a tissue box replica of the iconic question block from the classic video game- Mario by Nintendo. Who doesn't like Mario? And me being a huge fan of Mario, decided to make the something creative from the question cube and from there I got the inspiration to make and present the mario tissue box.
This tissue box is completely made of cardboard and painted by hand, thereby it has a few imperfections, but nonetheless looks beautiful.

Step 1: Materials Used

- Cardboard
- Acrylic paints -
: Golden yellow - 20 ml
: Black - 5 ml
: Apple red. - 5ml
: White. - 20ml
- PVA glue
- Papertape/Masking tape.

- Paper cutter
- Paint brushes
- Scissors

Step 2: Templates

Step 3: Making the Box

A cube tissue box has dimensions 4.75x4.75x4.75 inches , so the box required should 5x5x5 inches to easily accommodate the tissue box.
Either you can use a ready made box of the given dimensions or follow the templates and steps to make one yourself.
*If you are using a ready made box, you can skip this step.

Step 4: Making the Box- the Top

1-To make the top of the box, cut a square of cardboard of dimensions- 7x7 inches.
2- Next, mark borders of width 1 inch each, on each of the sides as shown in the template.
3- Now, following the template, make flaps for the top and cut the extra cardboard.
4- Next, make slight cuts on the flaps, so that they can fold comfortably.
5- Now its turn to cut a hole for the tissue.

Good job! Our top for the tissue box is complete.

Step 5: Making the Box- Sides 1 and 3

As shown in the templates the sides 1 and 3 are different from sides 2 and 4. The only difference between them is that, sides 1&3 have small flaps, whereas 2&4 don't.
- To make these, you have to first cut a piece of cardboard of dimension- 5x6 inches.
- On the lengths, make border of half inches each.
- Next, as shown in the template cut each of the edges. Now it should look like a plus.
- Repeat the procedure to make side no. 3

Step 6: Making the Box- Sides 2 and 4

Sides 2 and 4 are just 5x5 inch squares. So to make them, just cut two 5x5 squares of card board.

Step 7: Making the Box- Pasting

The box has to be pasted very carefully. The sides 1 and 3 should be parallel, similarly 2 and 4 need to be pasted parallel to each other.
- First paste, side no. 1, by applying glue to the outer side of the flap of the top.(see pictures of reference)
- Then paste side no. 2 with the flaps of the top and side no.3.
- Repeat the same steps with side no. 3 & 4.

Step 8: Finishing Touches to the Box

Since cardboard and the edges of the box are a little uneven, I taped the edges and the body of the box with masking tape, to give the box a smooth and even finish.

Step 9: Painting- Base Colours

The Mario question block, that we are making actually has a colour combination of yellow and white originally, but I painted it a little, to make it look a little bright.
I first painted the box with a base coat of white, for better and smooth finish.
Then I painted the box with two coats of golden yellow acrylic paint. It is upto you. You can paint the box in any colour you want according to your preference.

Step 10: Drawing the Graphics

Cut out four question marks given in the template in cardboard to give a 3D effect. You can also directly paint it on the box.

Paint the cut-outs in light chocolate brown colour (blend of 5ml yellow, 2ml red and small drop of black) and paste them in the center of each of the 1-2-3-4.

To add to the look you can paint the shadow as shown in the picture using black paint.

On each of the corner of each of the sides, paint a black square of side 1cm.

Step 11:

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