Introduction: Marker Connector

About: Drawing On Everything

I'm pretty new to the world of 3D printing software and tools, so get to know them a little better I wanted to create a drawing tool that would profoundly change the look of my line. Over the years I've built up a distinctive style using a solid line, but what happens when that line becomes, two or three or more!? This is my first instrucatable which will look at ways to interrupt my drawing style.

On the 3D design side I used a fee online program called TinkerCad and printed on a Fortus FDM Machine (450mc) but you can use whatever software and machine you have access too. Would love to see what kind of line you maybe able to create using these tools.

Step 1: Measure, Design, Save

You may not be using the same marker as me so first step would be to measure the markers diameter with calipers, then make a note of that so you can add it in Tinkercad later on.

Open up Tinkercad, sign in or sign up and start a new project. I've made a gif of all the steps that you will take. Here is also my final file just in case your unable to get on to tinker cad. I've attached my final file that has been created for a Krink -k51 Marker.

Step 2: Upload and Print

Next you will take that .stl file you saved and take it to the 3D printer to print. Mine took a couple of hours. Once the bricks have finished printing, remove all the support material and place markers and connect the connectors.

Step 3: Time to Test Out of Two Is Better Than One

Time to let the lines run wild. I tried testing out in my sketch book and on some cheap paper the results are super fun. You can also get creative with the colors of blocks that you print. I went back and also made a white one so I can mix and match.