Introduction: Marker Knife

My maker knife, i had found this project on Instructable. this guy made it and inspired me to make one. Never done it before and thought it was a cool thing to have in the shop to make my wood.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

The things you will need is a knife, a pole ( i used a weed eater pole because that is what i had laying around the shop), and a nice size piece of wood, and you will need jigsaw blade ( it can be new or old). This is my first time making one of these, I found this one on Instructable and The guy who made it did a great job. It inspired me to make one my self. This is a very easy project and i did not pay anything so i made the knife for free.

Step 2: Time to Carve

The first thing you do is carve your handle. I carved this handle in a square so to give me more grip and to be comfortable in my hand. This piece of wood i used is a yellow pine and it also had some age to it. When fitting your metal piece on the wood you need to carve the top of the handle in a circle. i carved it so the metal was tight on the wood. I did not glue it. I cut the piece of metal at about one inch.

Step 3: Time to Stain

The next step is to stain, after you have carved the comfortable handle. I put my name in this handle, like i do to all of my work. The stain i used was was red maghogany. This stain gives the handle a redish look that i wanted. In this picture you see two handles i made one for me and one for a buddy of mine. One of the handles is a square handle and the other one is a circle handle.

Step 4: Time for Polly

I like to give my work a nice shine, so i pollied it and put three couts. I also put polly on the metal to to keep it from turning colors in the furture. The next step to finishing this project is to put the blades in. i used a small drill bit and drilling three holes close to each other and stuck the drill bit in the middle hole and rocked the drill back in forth slowly. Because you can brake the bit. When the hole is cleaned you drill a hole on the side of the handle so you can put a screw in it. After the hole is drilled. I drilled a hole in the blade so the screw can catch it and the bade is changeable in the future. After the blade has been put in then i put a another cote of polly to seal everything.

Step 5:

Step 6:

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