Introduction: Marker Recycling Collection Bin

These are instructions for creating a really cool marker collection bin for used markers that will be recycled. This was designed by the Legendary Lego Lords, for use with the Crayola(r) ColorCyle Program. We collected over 2,000 markers in just one month at three locations with this eye-catching bin! :D

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You will need:

  • 8" Diameter Concrete Forming Tube (can be purchased from most home improvement stores for about $6)
  • Wooden Stick (lathe or yard stick)
  • Painters Tape
  • White Spray Paint
  • 1 Small Can of Colored Paint (any color you want!)
  • Paint Brush or Paint Sponge
  • 8" Diameter Circle (cut out of plywood with a jigsaw)
  • Nails and/or Screws
  • Hammer and/or Screw Gun
  • Construction Paper (same color as small can of paint)

Step 2: Attach Base to Bin

You'll need to create a base for your bin, so the markers don't fall out. We used a round piece of plywood and attached with hammer and nails.

Step 3: Paint the Bin White

You'll need to cover up all the text that is printed on the tube. The easiest way is to use white spray paint. Two coats for best coverage (more may be needed). Don't forget to use painters cloth or plastic, and wear painters clothing and gloves to prevent a mess! A plastic cone is a great way to hold the tube in place while painting it.

Step 4: Use Painters Tape to Create Line Guides

Use the finished photo or any actual marker as a guide to determine where you want your lines. Tape them off with painters tape for nice, straight lines (make sure the tape is straight for a better looking marker)!

Step 5: Paint the Inside the Lines With the Color You Chose

With the photo as a reference, paint the color you chose inside your taped areas. Two coats may be needed.

Remove tape and let dry overnight. Touch-up with white paint if necessary.

Step 6: Create and Attach Sign

First, to create your sign, print out the sign we have attached, or just create your own! Glue or tape your sign onto a piece of construction paper (the color of the paper should match the color of your marker). After you have done that, attach the yardstick to your bin with a couple of screws (on the back of the bin). Finally, attach the sign to the yardstick with some tape.


Step 7: Create Oval & "MARKER" Letters and Attach

To create the Oval:

  1. Draw two circles onto an 11 x 17 sheet of construction paper (it's OK if they overlap). A plate that is about 10" in diameter is a good size to trace
  2. Draw a line from the top tip of each circle, connecting the two circles
  3. Do the same to the bottom tip
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 with a plate or round object that is about 2" in diameter smaller than your first plate
  5. Cut out the two ovals
  6. Don't worry about the extra lines. They will not show.

To create the work MARKER:

  • You can print the attached stencil and trace them onto your choice of colored construction paper
  • You could draw or print your own design
  • We printed the word MARKER from MS Word (font KaiTi at 300pt in Bold) in Color
  • Get creative!

Once you have the oval and letters, go ahead and tape or glue to your bin (make sure the lines on the oval are on the back).

Step 8: All Done!

:D Yay!

Place this collection bin at your school and start collecting those markers!