Introduction: Marking Gauge Upgrade

I've been doing a lot more woodwork in my Pandemic Workshop so I decided I needed a marking gauge. I didn't want to make one from scratch, but I also didn't want to spend a lot of money to purchase such a simple tool. So I decided the appropriate compromise for me was to buy one cheap and upgrade it!

I wanted a marking gauge with a built in ruler to measure my marks, which was also hard to find in the rock-bottom price range, so this is what I decided to make.


Step 1: File Notch in Ruler

The perfect size ruler for this project was a six inch steel ruler, and I just happened to have one I got as a gift from the fine folks at iFixit, which they were giving away at the Maker Faire: NYC a few years ago. [We miss you in NYC Maker Faire! Please come back!]

You can buy one from their great website for US$2 bucks here.

In order to get the ruler to start at zero right where the marking pin is, I needed to file a small notch in the ruler to press it flush against the pin

Step 2: Cut Outline for Chiseling

I laid the ruler in position on the handle of the marking gauge, and cut an outline with a knife.

Step 3: Chisel Away, But Not Too Much!

I wrapped the handle in a rag, and clamped in a bench vise to hold in place while chiseling.

Step 4: Sand Down the Slot

I used a rotary tool with a sanding barrel to sand down the slot a bit. In retrospect, this was probably a mistake, because I actually ended up going a bit outside my marked cut line. Probably would have been better done with a small file.

Step 5: Glue Ruler in Place

The most important part here was to get the notch in the ruler flush against the marking pin. I filled the slot with super glue gel, and then put a few small plastic clamps on until it dried.

Step 6: Done!

I'm really happy with my new upgraded marking gauge, and have used it a few projects since I made it with great results!

Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. Your price is the same, but I get a small commission to help me build more cool stuff;-)

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