Marquetry Competition of the Best Apprentices in France




Introduction: Marquetry Competition of the Best Apprentices in France

Making a marquetry for the competition of the best apprentices in 2012 marquetry.

Gold medal obtained in regional.

The article is not finished but I already put online will improve and complete when I have more time.


  • Jigsaw
  • scalpel
  • wood glue
  • varnished
  • against plaque
  • medium
  • plating
  • paper erase
  • sandpaper

Last manufacture:

  • Choice of veneers to the packets 1 week.
  • Cut 1 week. Shading 2 days.
  • Mounting 1 week.
  • Finish 1 week.

Instructable present for the Full Spectrum Laser.
The laser cut, cut out to allow the veneer much faster.

Sorry for the english i do not speak.

You can find my other creations:

Step 1: Choice of Colors

The color setting and shading were done on PC with Photoshop.

Step 2: Veneers

  1. Satine Tape
  2. yellow tinted sycamore
  3. Sycamore tinted orange
  4. Mahogany Sapelli
  5. Yellow peroba
  6. Cerijeira
  7. Sycamore tinted clear maroon
  8. tinted gray sycamore
  9. Angelic
  10. wengué
  11. Sycamore stained Red
  12. Rose tinted sycamore
  13. Parcouri
  14. tinted light green sycamore
  15. Ani green stained sycamore
  16. Coto
  17. Orange stained sycamore
  18. Madagascar rosewood
  19. Rosewood
  20. Amaranth
  21. Purple stained sycamore
  22. smoked oak
  23. Teak
  24. tinted dark green sycamore
  25. Padouk
  26. flamed sycamore
  27. black stained sycamore
  28. oak burl
  29. oak Ramager
  30. poplar Grisar
  31. heart out sucupirae
  32. Haulne
  33. Stupid
  34. doussier
  35. Makaoré
  36. tinted light blue sycamore
  37. tinted dark blue sycamore
  38. Minzu

Step 3: Package

Preparation of plating packets.

Step 4: Cutting

Cut made with a scroll saw Hegner

Step 5: Shady

Shading achieve with hot sand.

Step 6: Assembly

Assembling the inlay on cable taut.

Step 7: Gluing and Finishing

I do not have any photos unfortunately.

Step 8: Finished

Voila finished achievement. You can find my other creations:

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    5 years ago

    This needs to find a home in my house : ) SO BEAUTIFUL