Introduction: Mars Rover Using Raspberry Pi

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Dear all Great Learner,

I am always curious to know about mars rover ,Having 6 wheels which can go all surface of mars and explore things from Earth.

I also want to explore thing by sitting on my laptop.

So Now i thing its right time to make it and share with all of you.

I made some acrylic chassis using fusion 360 and did laser cutting and made my mars rover .

I have made two video

1.assembly Mars rover.

2.setting the raspberry pi ,camera and programming.

Please have a look and let me know if you face any trouble in making and exploring



  • Mars rover acrylic cutting pieces
  • 6 BO01 Motors and wheels
  • nuts and bolt
  • L clamp(6 no.)
  • 2 pc 3.7v battery and holder
  • raspberry pi 3
  • camera
  • motor driver l293d
  • 3 pieces 7805 Voltage regulator

Step 1: Step 1: Making the Mars Rover

I am attaching the .dxf file for the Mars rover project which you can use for laser cutting .

making your own of this one with 3d print if you have 3d printer.

i have done both of them .

The video will show how to assembly the mars rover .Please comment if you have any doubt , I will try my best to solve your problem.

Step 2: Circuit Work

Power to raspberry pi:

Use 7805 3 piece in parallel with a heat sink which can easily give 5v and good amp for your raspberry pi.

Motor driver you can give it using GPIO pins in this easy way.

For simplicity you can connect pin 1 and pin 9 to 5v directly .

Step 3: Installation on Raspberry Pi.

Two things we need to install

1. Motion

2. flask

Go to the Terminal in the video and use these codes to setup your raspberry pi.

refer to the video i have posted and use these codes and do on raspberry pi terminal.

install motion code:

  • sudo apt-get update

  • sudo apt-get install motion

  • sudo nano /etc/default/motion see video to change

  • sudo chown motion:motion /var/lib/motion/

  • sudo nano /etc/motion/motion.conf see video here to change

  • sudo /etc/init.d/motion restart

  • sudo reboot

Install flask

  • pip install Flask

Step 4: Robot.html and Code

Hope you have setup all installation.

Note:Now find the IPaddress in the raspberry pi by typing ifconfig in terminal(168.192.XX.XX) Something for India.

Change the ip address in both the codes robot.html and i have added both the file text format .

convert in raspberry pi and keep it under template file as show in the instructable videos.

Step 5: How to Control Mars Rover With Video Using Web Browser.

Just two steps.

Run the code .

Any laptop connected to same network just put the IPaddress on the web browser and control the Mars rover.

Enjoy !!!

I tried to keep this instructable simple and all the codes are checked .its working.

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