Introduction: Marshal Atoms Steve Korrin | Aka M.A.S.K [or Just Steve]

Ever wanted a complete amalgamation of a child to be there to constantly hold your small trinkets in it's head while staring at you with cold, dead, and colorless eyes? No? Well too bad, cause even if you said anything, it'd still exist.

Introducing M.A.S.K, also known as Marshal Atoms Steve Korrin (shortened to Steve sometimes too)! The personal basket bot with a funny mask! Created and curated by god knows who, this little robot pal will constantly be there for you to hold your small belongings while holding onto a thread of life somehow!

Doesn't that sound great? Yes? Well you're in luck, cause this guide will show you how to create your very own Steve!


= 1 Roll of Tape
= A pair of scissors
= Printout
= Therapist (Very Optional)
= Minecraft Account (Extremely Optional)

Step 1: Prepare Yourself.

Print out the cutout sheet, grab your materials, and arrange them in a fashion where you can easily access everything while not blocking out other things. To make this process go by faster, make sure you clear your workspace of anything you don't need.

Now begin to ask yourself. Do you want this abomination to exist in your home? Do you really need something like this in your life? If you've answered these questions with no, then congratulations! Your work is done, and your life is complete. Now if you answered yes to both of these questions, let's proceed with the process (and seriously grab you a therapist).

Step 2: Head and Shoulders

Start by cutting out pieces 1 and 2 out along the outline of the complete shape. Once you have those two pieces out, start off with piece one.

= Piece One: The Head =
1) Begin by folding the piece on the marks inside the outlined shape. This will make it easier to fold it up into a cube.
2) Fold the piece underneath the face (this piece is marked with a dot in the middle) and start to fold the rest of the flaps around it to form an open cube.
3) Tape up the edges by taping it from the inside.
4) Once you have a stable open cube, you're done!

= Piece Two: The Body =
1) Hold the cutout gently as you begin to turn it into an open ended cylinder by carefully taking both sides of the sheet and curling it around itself. Once the visible flap covers the light grey mark, tape it up so its stable both inside and out.
2) Take some more tape and from the top of the body, place one end of the tape on one side of the inside and bring the other end of the tape to the other side of the inside. Secure it in place and you're finished!

= Putting them together =
1) Taking your body piece with the tape placed strategically on the inside, take the cylinder and place the taped end on the bottom end of the head (marked with a black dot in the middle).
2) Secure it with more tape if needed. Once its on properly, congratulations! You're almost done making Steve!

Step 3: Arms or Weirdly Placed Legs? the World May Never Know.......

Cut out pieces 3 and 4, and start thinking again on whether making this is truly a good idea. Once you've come to terms with your inner doubts, begin working on those limbs!

For both pieces, there's a faint grey line before it meets the paw. Fold those lines and grab some tape to begin the attachment process!

1) Turn the limbs upside down (where the paw pads face down) and place tape on the top side (place where backside does not have the paw pads).
2) Place the tape and limb on the side of the head! Make sure the paper of the limb isn't on top of the other paper of the head, but where it faintly touches the edge of the head. Make sure its secure and in the middle so the bot can balance and repeat it on the other side of the head.

Hopefully everything is stable over there! And no, I do not just mean Steve.

Step 4: Tail Time!

Steve is almost done! All you need to do now is cut out piece 5.

Curl one of the edges of the piece and fold the other end about a half of an inch down. Now place a bit of tape down on the folded side and place the taped tail edge underneath the bottom of the head in the middle at the back of Steve. If Steve looks fine, then you're done with the main body! Onto the last and final touch!

Step 5: M a S K.

Now cut out the last and final piece, piece 6. Fold some tape in on itself to create Walmart brand double sided tape and smack it onto the back of the mask. Place the mask onto Steve's face and voila! Your very own Steve, made by your own hands!

Step 6: Finished!

Congratulations! Your very own Steve. Are you proud of yourself? Now you can stuff small trinkets in its empty head and smile as it tries to keep balance if the trinket is too heavy, or just admire your creation. After that, you can just play some Minecraft and forget about it! I don't know what you do. Just make sure Steve isn't looking at you if it creeps you out to have someone watch your every move.