Marshmallow Cones

Introduction: Marshmallow Cones

A fun and simple cake stall treat that will be sure to sell out!

Cones - whatever store bought versions you have available. Mine cost around $2 for 30!
Marshmallow - I made my marshmallow using this recipe.
Piping Bag - Make your own from grease proof paper as you'll need a BIG ONE as there is a high volume of marshmallow to get through. Here's a video on making your own, but it really needs to be bigger than this one. The hole through which you pipe needs to be large as you want to retain the air in the marshmallow and get that sucker into the cones quickly.
Sprinkles - As crazy and colourful as suits you.
Cardboard Cone Carrier - Here is my instructable on how to carry your cones to the cake stall.
  • Make marshmallow according to the recipe.
  • Make the carrier.
  • Insert empty cones into carrier.
  • Pipe marshmallow into cones - choose how full you're going to make your cones as this will impact on how much marshmallow mixture you're need.
  • Add sprinkles.
I was able to make 15 cones with one batch of marshmallow.

I'd love to see your versions of this treat!

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    here in aussie you can buy miniature cones filled with sherbet and topped with marshmallow and sprinkles, it looks like a little ice-cream but you bite into it and your head gets blown off :)
    these are cute


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I'm an Aussie too. What a great variation to add some sherbet into the bottom for an extra kick.