Introduction: Marshmallow Fondant

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I am in love with Marshmallow Fondant. This stuff is like delicious Sculpey. It is ridiculously easy to make and incredibly versatile.

Step 1: Ingredients!

You will need:

1 lb (16oz) of Mini Marshmallows
2lb bag Confectioners Sugar (Sifted, to prevent lumps)
4 tablespoons of water
3/4 cup of Vegetable Shortening
Food coloring and/or flavoring (optional)*

*I personally prefer to paint the fondant with food coloring, rather than mix it in.

Step 2: Melt 'em

Mix water and marshmallows in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave in 30 second increments, stirring in between, until completely melted (approximately 2 1/2 minutes).

If you are using food coloring or flavoring add them to the melted marshmallows for easy mixing. You can knead in coloring later but it makes an awful mess.

Step 3: Mix 'em

This is an excellent time to physically work out any frustrations you may have.

Once the Marshmallows are melted, sift and mix in 3/4 of your powdered sugar. Mix together with a fork and once the mixture gets stiff coat your hands liberally with vegetable shortening (if it looks like too much you have just enough) and knead the mix like bread dough. As the mix gets sticky, reapply your shortening.

*Be careful, the marshmallow will be hot and if it sticks to your hands it will burn the expletive out of you*

After you have worked all the powdered sugar into your fondant grease up your counter with some vegetable shortening and knead in the remaining 1/4 powdered sugar. Work quickly, it is easiest to knead/mix while the fondant is still warm.

Step 4: Fondant

Once you have incorporated all the powdered sugar you should have a fondant that is smooth, pliable, and does not tear too easily. You can use it right away but I recommend letting it refrigerate over night. This helps get rid of any little powdered sugar lumps that might ruin the smooth appearance of the fondant.

If you are going to store your fondant before use grease it up to prevent sticking or drying out. This fondant will keep for a couple weeks properly refrigerated.

Also, be sure to bring the fondant  to room temperature before rolling or molding. (I always nuke it for 15 seconds to make rolling easier)

Step 5: Get Creative

Now you have fondant! The sky is the limit with this stuff. It not only gives cakes a beautiful satin finish but it is ideal for making creative themed confections.