Introduction: Marshmallow Pandas

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Super fast and easy Marshmallow Panda Pops.

Step 1: Supplies

For this project I used

One bag of marshmallows
Black edible candy marker
Black and white paper straws
Rectangular Bowl
Two small bags of black sand
Paper plate
Paper towel
Gloves (optional) if you don't mind panda hands

Step 2: Process

I took each marshmallow and placed a straw in the center of it about halfway.
Doing this first helps in the design process so that you don't smear the candy ink all over it. You can use the straw as sa stabilizer and turn it without touching or smudging your work.

Then I would draw in a dot type fashion the design. Marshmallows aren't that smooth so tapping / poking your design into it worked best for me. I strongly suggest you use plastic gloves if you don't want stained hands. But I did not as you can see. If you get your marker too sticky just damp a piece of paper towel and wipe the tip.

As you're laying them on the paper plate make sure they dry first. Note to self don't saturate your marshmallow with too much ink. Taste wierd, bleh.

I then bought a green rectangular bowl and black sand from the dollar store craft section. I placed the pops in the bowl of sand as a display and it worked perfect as a double duty holder.

And your done.