Introduction: Marshmello Ultimate Head With Programmable Bluethoot Leds

I give you the Ultimate Version!! I got a ton of awesome feedback on the first one, so I wanted to show you guys that I knew I could do better. Built from a solid Acrylic Cylinder with no seam. 800+ Led's all controlled via Bluetooth on my phone. 300 different modes, all powered by (9) 18650 Samsung cells sitting in 3d printed trays. Will run for 6 hours solid on a full charge, 24,500mah capacity. Has dual Cooling fans above the eyes to keep from fogging and me getting hot. Every circuit is soldered and insulated, all temp silicone wire used. I believe this is one of the best I have seen.

Step 1: Step 1.Building Its Structure.

I have used transparent bucket you can use any bucket or 3d print.Follow these steps in images.

Step 2: Step 2:- Leds Strips Asembelly

Take a tube and cut it with length of bucket and also cut eyes and smile.Cover tube with RGB led strip take led strip which can be controlled by application here i have taken SP105E controller you can use any controller.Now Solder Leds Strips And Test It.Join the electronics inside tube like the image i have used 18650 cells for power.

Step 3: Step 3:-Finishing

Colour The Bucket If You Use White Bucket There is no need to colour it.Take transparent sheet and cut in shape marshmello eyes and smile.and paste it.Now Put The Led Tube in Bucket and paste it.Now its Ready For PLAY!!!!!!!

Step 4: Overview


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