Marsupio Italian Style




Introduction: Marsupio Italian Style

This is my first jobwiththesewing machine,typically feminineinstrumentbutthatI recentlydiscoveredfor sureinterest in creatingleatheritems(usingappropriateneedlesandworkingat low speeds).
After separatingthe various componentsofsome oldimitation leatherbags,I thought about howI couldreusepiecesofnot solargesizerecovered fromthese bags.
I opted,asfirst use,to createapouch,the typewidely usedin my part,tohospitalizethe objectscurrent usetype:glasses,tissuesof paperphoneetc.andto keepat hand.

Step 1:

As I mentioned,I usedasraw material,the piecesextracted froman oldhandbagwhichwastrue qualityleathercloth(textile leatherare notall the same...).
I thencutthese twoequal piecesamong themin the shape of"Orangewedge".
From an oldcarrierbrokeI recoveredthe twoclosingstrapswithsnap buckle.
In the pictureyou can seetwosmall pieces ofvaguelytriangularshape: thosefor the realizationof thiscarrierDOESN'Tserve;in myinitialprojectwereincludedbut then,inthe wayI'veoverlooked.

Step 2: The Seam

The two piecesmust bestackedupside downto makethe seamthatwill remaininsideonce the skinwill beoverturned.
And,in the second pictureyou can seethe first result.
Importantdo not runthe seamup to the borderintwo extremesbutkeepto6-7cmto allowthe insertionand subsequentbeltnylonstitching.

Step 3:

I thenput together,alwaysperformingthebackwardsteps,the twobeltpieces;I gavethe union acertaininclinationtofollow,withthe belt,the rounded shapeof the"belly"of themarsupuio.
To accomplish thisstitchingit takesa lot of patience, and you mustmanuallyadvancingthe machinebecause,at a time whenthe needlesinksin all threetissuesmeets aconsiderable resistance, and you mustuseforce toavoidbreakingtoo many timesthe wire(in my casethe wirebroke3or4timeson each side)

Step 4:

Andwe have cometo whatis probably themostdifficultphase:thezipperseam.
Making mehelpfrom mysweetheart(whoin the meantimewascuriouslycloseto observewhattheydoing)I setthe positionsuitable forthe zipper.
I will not elaborateherein longexplanations ofwhyI wouldn't beevenable;I'll just saythatthe zippermust bepositioned"backwards",asI hopeyouseein the picture;in any case,forthisI recommend youseekthe help of an expertto set.
Themost sensitivepointswerethe two extremesthat,if I hadn'tbeenso hurryto finishI'drehearsedtwice toreinforce them.

Step 5: Final

Here is the final result.
Totake the formto the carrierforthe first few hoursI insertedinside thefiller.
Bèh?What do you think?good result?
Simplebutquiteelegantin my opinion.
I leaveto youthanking youfor your attention and....If you want itplease vote for meas well,I'll bevery happy!
ByTorxsee you nexttofantasticcommunity!!!
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