Introduction: Martian Colony LBLC.1

Mars is the next step we need to take in order to follow our natural evolution, that's why I decided to make a martian colony in which some objects of our past history were represented, as well as the present and the future of Mars exploration as well.

The name of the colony, LBLC.1, is a name I've given it based on the initials of a company I've imagined and the number of the colony is the prototype number.

Step 1: Creating the Surface

The surface is the main part of the project and the most representative Mars feature. Basing my prototype on real Mars photos, I decided to make a rough surface making little irregularities (without any pattron) and adding rocks to it.

Step 2: Rovers and Landers

Martian exploration wouldn't exist if it weren't for the rovers and landers that have been sent out to this day.

As a way of honoring those landers and rovers I have recreated some of them in this prototype:

+ Lander:

- InSight

+ Rovers:

- Sojourner

- Opportunity

- Curiosity

Step 3: Buildings and Starship

The buildings are the essence of any colony, a building is the place where the inhabitants rest, work or enjoy playing with the others. We can find four different types of buildings at this colony: toroidal, half-sphere, half-cylinder and cylindrical ones.

The Starship is also a major feature here and is a representative object that reminds us of our future in Mars and how can we will get to it.

Step 4: Inhabitants

For a place to be a colony there has to be inhabitants, so the next step was to create the inhabitants based on human beings and spread some around the area in different ways.

Step 5: Enjoy Your Colony

The last step is to put the items in the places you prefer and this way you will have already made your first prototype colony! :)

PS: All the 3D models in this project have been made by me (Marks NVM on Tinkercad)

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