Introduction: Martin Luther King Jr. Spraypaint

This is a brief and easy tutorial on how to spraypaint an MLK Jr. poster!

Step 1: Buy Your Materials

This project is very flexible. You can really choose whatever colors you want, but as this is a budget project most of the materials were free (already had). The only things we had to buy was some more spray paint colors, but you might already have the ones you like!

My Materials:

Spray paint equipment (Mask, gloves, newspaper)

Stencil making equipment (X-Acto knife, cardstock paper, printer, cutting board)

Various spray paint colors (Blacks, whites, space colors)

Letter stencils (You can buy these or just make your own)

Step 2: Stencil

For this step you can go into great depth, but I will not. If you would like to view and Instructables that will give you exact details and the most help you'll need if this is your first stencil go here: . If you don't need that then carry on as you would on any stencil!

Brief Tutorial:

Print out your stencil, make sure there is lots of black, or shadow. It's easier just to include "stencil" in your search for the image. (Make sure to print black and white)

Cut out the print out and glue or tape it to a touch, but easy to cut material. We didn't have any cardstock so I used an old notebook cover

Cut out the black and you're done!

I also aborted the letter stencils that we bought, which would lower your price from 17 to 12$. It's the same idea, just go into Word, and type out your words. Make it big, change the font, and print!

Step 3: Trial and Error

Trial and error is the key to spray painting. After we had gathered out materials we took a test piece of paper and went behind the house where it wasn't as windy. I took all my colors and started with my dark blue, then dark purple, light blue, dark purple, light purple, and so on until I found a combination I liked. We also did this step because we are working with card stock paper, so we needed to test if it would leak through. I think it came out pretty good for our first try, too!

Step 4: Spray Your Stencils

This step is very straight forward if you know what to do. All you need to do is line up your stencils, hold them down with a hand (If you have lots of little areas sticking up you'll need to keep re positioning), and just spray with the black!

If you haven't ever done this before, it's really easy. Like said above it is all about the light, even coatings, and holding down the stencil for minimum over spray. When you do spray take a piece of cardboard to surround your stencil to prevent over spray. Once again this instructable: is very helpful for going in depth, and if you still need more help look up TribeTyler's tutorials on youtube.

Step 5: You're Done!

Once everything dries you are done and ready to turn in, hang, or sell! (This was a school contest and grade. We just had to do posters but I love spraying and thought this would be sweet! Over achiever or what?"

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