Introduction: Marvel Girl Costume Part 1

For christmas comic con this year I have decided to continue with my love for Rachel Grey(Marvel girl) and make another one of her costumes :)
What you'll need:
-Black leather-ish or spandex fabric
-gold matlic spandex fabric
-sewing macine
-stretch needle
-matching thread

Step 1: First Things First

I like to start with things as easy as possible so I bought tights that were my size (sm)and another pair that were bigger (xl) to have material to make the top. If you can't find the spandex type tights in the right color or fabric then you have to go the hard way and make the pants from scratch. I was lucky.

Step 2: The Bottoms (pt1)

I put them on an took a piece of chalk and outlined where needed to be cut. Next I measured to make sure it was level and the same size. Then I cut along the lines I drew. It's basically a big triangle. I then used the piece i cute out as a pattern and cut out the gold fabric I bought.

Step 3: Bottoms (pt2)

When the pieces are cut it's time to pin! Pin right sides together and sew with a zig zag to ensure ability to stretch afterwards. I like to go over my lines twice for stability. I found a few problems with the very edges puckering but i just went in and tapered it togther to remove the pucker. Sew all three sides of the triangle and your done :)