Introduction: Marvelous Designer Tutorial for Beginners How to Make Stitches for Your 3D Clothes

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In this free Marvelous Designer tutorial for beginners you'll learn step-by-step how to create in Marvelous Designer stitches for your 3D clothing. Before starting, you will need todownload the free Marvelous Designer stitches textures by CG Elves (or create your own).

This Instructable consists of the Marvelous Designer video tutorial, as well as written instructions for those of you prefer a step by step Marvelous Designer how to PDF.

Step 1: Stitches in Marvelous Designer Video Tutorial

Here is the Marvelous Designer stitches HD video tutorial. Below come next the written instructions.

Make sure you download the free Marvelous Designer stitches by CG Elves before starting on this tutorial!

Step 2: Marvelous Designer Stitches Beginner Tutorial

In Marvelous Designer software, click the P icon (stands for 2D Graphic tool) on the top of the 2D Pattern window.

Step 3: Stitches for Marvelous Designer Tutorial

A popup will open. Load in the seamless stitches texture (very important that it IS seamless AND a PNG with a transparent background).

Step 4: Making Marvelous Designer Stitches

Click the Transform Pattern tool.

Use the Transform Pattern tool to stretch the texture box to the end of your Marvelous Designer clothing pattern (or slightly beyond if necessary). As you can see, this will greatly distort the stitches texture. Not to worry! That will be fixed in the next step.

Step 5: Marvelous Designer Tutorial for Stitch Effect

In this step you need to select the Texture Transform tool to scale down the stitches texture either from the left or from the right until it looks good.

Step 6: Notes About Marvelous Designer Stitches

See the result, now we have a line of stitches running all along the bottom of the Marvelous Designer shirt pattern! :)

Note: As with every texture and 2D graphic in Marvelous Designer, you can always change its color and opacity in the Property Editor tab.

Step 7: How NOT to Make Double Stitches in Marvelous Designer

To create a double stitches effect with two lines of stitches, do NOT simply copy and paste the Marvelous Designer stitches texture! While this looks like its OK in MD, once you export your 3D clothes model to render it in Octane or Keyshot, since the texture faces are overlapping you will get very ugly broken results.

Step 8: How to Correctly Make a Double Stitch in Marvelous Designer

There aer two ways to make a double stitch in Marvelous. One way is to make the double stitch texture in Photoshop and bring that in.

The other fast way is to load in a Marvelous Designer stitches texture that is cropped with less white space over and below the stitches line.

After you've loaded in your stitches texture, you can use the Texture Transform tool to scale it up or down to change how much space is between the two lines of stitches (this will however also effect the shape of the stitches).

Step 9: Final Result of This Marvelous Designer Stitches Tutorial

And here we go, with a double stitch and a single line of stitches!

I hope this Marvelous Designer stitches tutorial for beginners helps you! :)
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