Introduction: Mary Poppins Bag

This is for all ages, but you should ask others whether the thing it says to put in is okay for you to do or not.

Step 1: Step 1, Laptop Bag

So first off, you take your laptop bag, then you add your laptop and charger, then 3 bags containing batteries, usbs, chargers, mouse dongles, and loose change(all potentially very important because you might need them) then your house keys car keys and some matches(or a lighter) then you can add a video game (you never know), earphones and a mouse. Then add your religious stuff, watch, deodorant(aerosol because if your attacked/kidnapped it comes in handy as a flamethrower) and some tissues. Now take your toothbrush , nail clipper and tweezers and wrap them in cling wrap then put em in. Laptop bag complete.

Step 2: Step 2, Lunchbag

First add some sauces and mints, then toothpaste fork and floss, finally a cloth and some water and of course your lunch, done!

Step 3: Step 3, Backpack

First thing you put in is your ruler, wallet and multi purpose tool, then your game controllers. Now add your pencil case with all the important stuff. Now add your notebook, files and other important paperwork. Lastly put in a towel and some spare clothes (always important) and now your done!
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