Introduction: Masgouf - Grilled Fish - an Iraqi National Dish


Masgouf is a grilled fish delicacy considered by many as the national dish of Iraq. Our first magouf experience was at an Iraqi restaurant in Dubai called ‘Al Maskoof Al Iraqi‘. We were served a large Iraqi carp that weighed around 4 kilograms. This moist and flaky fish became the most significant meal of our time in Dubai. Since then we were looking forward to feature it on hissing cooker.

The term Masgouf does not denote a dish or a recipe, but a cooking technique where a fatty fresh water carp is butterflied and skewered around wood fire. For city dwellers such as ourselves, raising a wood fire is not all that congenial. A lot of you might have the same limitations. With our masgouf recipe, we bring to you a mindfully crafted recipe that keeps the essence of the original dish intact. In fact we are proud to tell you that our version bettered what we enjoyed in Dubai.

In our recipe, we marinated a large Indian carp with mild flavours and grilled it in an oven. Our fish weighed 850 grams, you may choose a larger fish depending on the volume your oven could hold. Our mosgouf recipe will yield 2 servings, with 784 kilocalories in each.

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