Mashed Potato Tots

Introduction: Mashed Potato Tots

This is the best appetizer ever you will love it Materials:tater tots, Pam non stick spray, parsley, lemon, and mayonnaise

Step 1: Get Cookin

Put the tater tots on a pan and set the oven for 350°.

Step 2: Parsley

Put the mayo in the bowl chop the parsley finely then add it in with the mayo. Mix until needed

Step 3: Lemon

Cut the lemon in half. Take one half of the lemon and squeeze the juice in the bowl. Next mix the parsley and lemon and the mayonnaise together.

Step 4: The Seasons

Add black pepper Italian seasoning and salt. Then add onion powder and garlic Powder.

Step 5: Adding Slowly

Slowly add tater tots in the bowl and mash them up. Add more of any of the seasoning parsley lemon or mayonnaise if needed!!

Step 6: Why

I love mashed potatoes and tater tots so I was thinking why not mash tater tots and make mashed potato tots

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    9 years ago

    This is so good but I added Too much lemon the first time Be careful