Introduction: Masican's Skateboard

My name is Marsican, this is the first skateboard I built, hope you like it!

Step 1: Step 1: Build the Skateboard Board

The size is as shown in the figure above. Build arectangle of 400*200, and use the spline curve to establish the intersection of the arc and the two long sides of the rectangle

Figure 1: demo building a skateboard size base sketch

Step 2: Step 2: Set Up the Sweep Path and Stretch the Plate

The radian on both sides of the skateboard is established in the ZY plane, and the first hypotenuse is used to sweep out the entity, and the rectangular entity in the middle is connected and merged to form the plate. After the completion, click the side transition line (4), inverted round corner

Figure 2: create radian sweeping path on both sides of the skateboard surface

Figure 3: schematic diagram of rounded corners on the side

Step 3: Step 3: Set Up Plate Bottom Wheel Frame

Build a 70*60 rectangle and stretch it into arectangle with a height of 5. Similarly, make a middle plane on both sides, use arc as sweep path, and make a circle at the start of sweep, sweep it into an inclined cylinder. Similarly, make two wheel support parts and merge them into the slide plate

Figure 4: complete drawing of combined plate bottom
wheel frame

Step 4: Step 4: Set Up the Wheel Bracket

Build a 50*60*30 cube with a diameter of 15mm through hole on the wide side and return to the sketch. Build the wheel frame on both sides with a 15mm round stretching solid. Make a sketch on the round surface and make a circle with a diameter of 8mm

Figure 5: three steps of setting up the wheel bracket

Step 5: Step5:making Wheels

Within a diameter of 50 mm, outside diameter is 25 of concentric circles, stretching into the cylinder, return to the sketch, at the center of the circle to create a within 15 mm outside diameter of 8 mm diameter of concentric circles, in the two circles to draw a pie, characteristics of tensile become the hub, the great circle around 50 mm fillet, and establish a tangent plane in cylindrical flank, groove is used to establish the entity, the circular array pattern, establishing entities.

Figure 6: wheel contour construction and pattern

Step 6: Step 6: Install

According to the actual movement relationship to install, complete

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