Introduction: Mask Hanger

Problem Statement

I got the idea when I saw my parents keeping their masks on window sills and bike handles. The living-room, bike stands, window ledges - places where people leave their masks can be unimaginably diverse. This wrong habit poses serious health hazards as masks may contain viruses. If we don’t keep the used masks at designated safe places, we will not know which are used masks, as against the unused ones. Unused masks may contaminate the fresh or washed ones. So I decided to come up with a solution to solve this problem.


I have come up with an idea of using a 3D designer to build the solution. I have taken the help of Tinkercad to design it. We all can use it in our homes to safely hang masks after using them.

The cool features of my Mask Hanger are:

1. My hanger is shaped as a cute mask so that anyone can easily identify its purpose.

2. Each hanger has a nameplate. Family members can hang their used/unused masks on their respective hangers. We can easily differentiate among the used and fresh masks.

3. To know whether a mask is washed or not, we have indicator clips (it is always better to have a pair of masks to use this feature).

4. With the Mask Hanger, you will never miss the hand-sanitizing rule. There is a separate compartment to keep hand sanitizer bottles. Don’t forget to sanitize your hands before wearing or removing your masks.

5. If in case a mask is not washed, we have a separate compartment to keep disposable masks too - you can use them while going out.

In this way, we can easily arrange all our masks in their designated spots. Using Tinkercad, we can also customize our hanger design to match the interior designs of our homes. Let's see how we can design one of the hangers!


  • Tinkercad free account
  • 1 hour of your time
  • 3D printer

Step 1: Creating the Main Part

Now let us create the holder component, which is the main part of the Mask Hanger.

Select the dice shape. Resize it and duplicate it. Make a hole in the duplicate. Merge the solid-dice and holed-dice into a mask lookalike.

Step 2: To Make It a Character, Let Us Add Eyes

Now let us make the mask hanger more interesting. So, let's add two eyes!!

Step 3: To Make It More of a Character, Let Us Add Tentacles

Now let us make the mask hanger more interesting. So, let's add the 4 tentacles.

Step 4: Identification of Mask - Nameplate

To identify whose mask it is, let's create the nameplates.

Step 5: Indication of Washed or Not - Clips

  • Now let us use Scribble, and create the clips.
  • These clips indicate whether the mask is washed or not (Green - fresh/washed, Red - needs to be washed).
  • Duplicate (7 times).
  • And change the colors to Green (4 nos.) and Red (4 nos.).

Step 6: Creating the Mask Lookalike (Optional)

  • Now let us use Extrusion and Scribble to create the mask lookalike. This item indicates how we can use the Mask Hanger.
  • You can duplicate this 3 times and change it to the color you want.

Step 7: Sanitizer Bottle (Optional)

Now let us create the sanitizer bottle. This will indicate how we can use the space for the sanitizer.

Step 8: Disposable Mask Box

Now let us select the adjustable box. Use it to create the Disposable Mask Box to store the disposable masks.

Step 9: Importing the House & Gloves (Optional)

The link to import gloves is:

The link to import a house is:

  • You have to duplicate the gloves to indicate two gloves.

Step 10: Placement of Hanger in House, and Gloves

In this step, we place the Mask Hanger in the house.

We also place a few gloves in the hanger.

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