Introduction: Mask of the Red Death

This mask is based of an Edgar Allen Poe story of the same name. This is my interpretation of what i think it would look like

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Supplies needed
1: petroleum jelly/Vasallen
2: skull cap or anything to cover the top of your head
3: plaster wrap/bandage
4: scissors
5: warm water
6: latex based paint
7: hot glue
8: hot glue gun
9: yarn or string
10: acrylic paint

Step 2: Cover Your Face

Start of by covering any facial hair with the petroleum jelly. Next cover your hair on top with a skull cap or what ever you can find. You can change how far you want your mask to go compared to how much hair you need to cover.

Step 3: Coat Face Is Base Layer

Cut the plaster wrap into strips and dip them into warm water. Coat your face like you would you were making it out of papermache.
Tip:This is several times easier if your have someone help you with it and they put it on for you.

Step 4: Details

Start adding details with the plaster. Fold it to make it thicker where it needs to be thick on the jaw and skull bones. And add a thick, thin line around where the masquerade mask is.

Step 5: Coat

Take the latex paint and coat the whole thing inside and out. I chose white paint as I wouldn't have to re paint the skull. Hot glue the edges of the mask and along the edge of the eye holes.
Tip: If you are allergic to latex it will be fine to use acrylic paint.

Step 6: Paint It

Start with a coat for the mask I chose black as it really helped with popping against the white skull and the red details, but you can choose what ever color you think is best. Once that dries add details and highlights to your mask.

Step 7: Mask String

Hot glue a peice of string or yarn to add the affect of a real mask on skull look.

Step 8: Enjoy Your Mask

Have fun with your mask! Also if you like the idea but would rather have a different mask just style it differently and you can create almost anything you can think of. For example check picture two where I used almost the same process to create a clown mask. Also this is just what I think it should look like be creative and make it your own.

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