Introduction: Mason Jar Audio Amplifier

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This is my mason jar amplifier project....
I came up with this idea after dealing up with an awfull situation which I am not going to talk about here....;-P
All you have to do is gather some ICs and wires and solder them together to make this awesome thing.
So lets get started.................

Step 1: Materials Required

The Materials required for this Amp are listed below.....

1) A LM386 chip
2) A 5v regulator (L7805)
3) A 9v Battery
4) A 9v battery connector
5) Soldering kit
6) Some wires
7) A 3.5mm audio jack (I took it from my old earphones)
8) A small mason jar without lid (choose the mason jar according to the materials we are going to drop in it.)
9) An 8 ohm speaker

FOR LOOKS-:(These items are optional if you are intended to not to decorate it)
1) A L.E.D (I used white, but you can use any color you want)
2) Black paper sheets
3) A 3v Battery
4) Switch for L.E.D
5) Tracing or Butter Paper

1) Scissors
2) Silver Marker for markings on black paper
3) Tape
4) Wire strippers
5) Glue
6) Drill

You can buy almost everything needed for this project at

Step 2: The "LOOKS" (Optional)

I am listing this step first because it is optional and if you are doing it in the beginning you will not face any problem while doing further steps.
First take the jar and measure it in height.
Cut the black sheet in a rectangle using the height you just measured.
Now draw a symbol on it with the help of the marker and then cut it down. (you can draw any symbol of your choice eg; Avengers symbol, Your names first letter, Star Wars, Apple, Ohm, Algebric py, etc.)
After this, tape the butter paper on the black sheet and take this whole sheet and put it on the inner walls of the jar.
Take the 3v button cell, l.e.d and the switch and make the decorative circuit.
After making the circuit tape it at the inner bottom of the jar.
Now bring the switch at the top and glue it at the jar opening so you can switch it on and off.
Now switch it on and test it.....

Step 3: The Amplifier Schematic

This is the amplifier schematic
I'm not a pro in these things as I am just learning all these, but I have maked this schematic understandable........

Step 4: Solder Solder Solder...........

Solder all the parts as shown in the diagram.
You can use a board for it.
I have not used a board as I dont have one.

It is almost done now connect it to the battery and check it using your smartphone or any other gadgets around.

Take all the material and throw it in the jar, keep the jack out of the jar by drilling a hole in the jar so you can connect your phone.

Glue the speaker at the opening of the jar, and if it do not fits perfectly or is smaller in size take a cardboard, cut it to the size of the jar opening and glue it there, then make a hole at the middle according to your speaker so your speaker fits in there perfectly.


GOOD LUCK GUYS......................

Step 5: Thankings

Thank you for seeing this instructable, if you have any questions please ask me in the comments section. And if you liked this instructable please vote it in the Mason Jar Contest.
And thanks for the votes in advance................................
Goodbye nd best of luck.......

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