Introduction: Mason Jar Christmas Light

Don't know what to give your grandmother, mom, or loved ones for Christmas, and you haven't gotten anything yet...? Well here is a cheap awesome Christmas gift that anyone will love!



Mason Jar (1X)

Red, green and white paint

Straws (3X)

A Candle (1 or 2)

Step 1: Spray Paint, the Natural Way...

I didn't want to use spray paint for this, instead I used normal paint you can find in craft stores to paint ceramics or crafts. To get the cool drizzled look on the jar you need to spray the paint. So you need to take a straw for each paint, put it in the bottle like in picture one and suck it up in the straw. WARNING: do not suck the paint up farther than halfway in the straw, suck it slow, do not get in mouth. I like to cover the straw with a paper towel piece and put it in my mouth so it acts as a safe guard in case it comes too fast up the straw. The next thing you will do it spray it out gently on newspaper to get the big globs of paint out of the straw, then spray the leftover in the straw all over the inside of your mason jar.

Step 2: Spray Everywhere

I tried this on a few jars and found out the best way to do this is spray out red first, then do the green paint, and last do the white paint. The white will show the most so do not do a lot of the white if you prefer more of a red/green classic Christmas color look like me. I tried the white first on a jar and it was horrible, it was basically all white.

Step 3: Fill and Light

Fill the jar with water. Put one or two mini candles in the top of the jar floating on the water. You can also add some cranberries to the water or pine needles, they will float next to the candle and make it look even more nice. The paint won't fade off from the water, depending what you're using. Your loved ones are going to love this gift! Merry Christmas everyone!

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