Mason Jar Collection Containers

Introduction: Mason Jar Collection Containers

Display your collections in style!

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:
- A Mason Jar or any other jar, young or old, with or without a lid.
- Your collection, it usually looks best if you have enough idems to fill most of the jar.
- Optional: Fake flowers, horse shoes, or other decorating idems of your choice.

Coins, small shells, marbles, buttons, dried petals, and rocks look great! You can even mix and match if you are feeling creative.

Step 2: Arrange in Jar or Just Dump In

I like to set my favorite idems on the outside edge of the jar. The over all look of your jar depends on you.

Step 3: Get Funky!

Decorate around you jars. Fake flowers look great stuck in the top of your collections. I leaned an old rusty horse shoe against a jar containing a mixture of things, and put fake poinsettias in the top. I was surprised how good it looked on my shelf in my room.

Enjoy displaying your unique collections! Plop a few pictures in your jar, and you have a creative gift that won't be thrown away or regifted. I'd love to see the displays you make.

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