Introduction: Mason Jar Emergency Kit

Since this world is fraught with uncertainty - I like to keep a Jar in the car, one on the shelf and one with my camping gear. The jar is waterproof and floats. So this little kit could be a life-saver when you're on a hike or stuck in the car.

It might be a good idea to make more than one of these. I actually made one Kit for each member of the family. We have never had to use them, but once in a while I look over the items in the emergency kit, and am reminded of being prepared.


500ml mason jar



hand sanitizer


crazy glue

hot glue stick

wooden matches


sewing needle


dental floss

tea bags

chemical hand-warmer (hot pocket)



Step 1: Source Your Emergency Items

I have made several of these Mason Jar Kits, and handed them to everyone in my family. Each of has a 'Go-Bag' and these mason jar kits are included in that bag.

I was able to find almost everything I needed at the dollar store - except the mason jars. I got those at the grocery store. Some of the items needed were found at the local hardware store.

The Hardware store had these items;

1. stubby aluminum flashlights - I bought 5. $2.00ea. Batteries included.

2. mini aluminum screwdriver with various bits in the handle

3. dozen mason jars

4. 5 whistles with a bright yellow cord

The dollar store had these items;

1. emergency candles - a pack of 5 for $1.25.

2. lighters - 3pack / $1.25. So I bought 2

3. Crazy glue - 3pack / $1.25 x2

5. dental floss - if you cant find the mini packs, then buy one large and wind some Floss around a spool of thread.

Also, at the local dollar store, I was able to source the wooden matches, mini hand sanitizer, chemical hand warmers, some tea bags, and a paracord.

Step 2: Assemble the Emergency Kit

These fifteen items may not look like much, but are pretty essential.

Imagine for a moment, the cars stalls on the road in a Canadian winter. Hopefully, you have cell service and a phone. In the mean time, you have a candle and lighter to offer a little warmth. If your trying to change a tire - you have a chemical hand warmer that lasts 8 hours. If you empty the jar and melt some snow in it - you could have a little tea to warm your insides.

If you are hiking or camping and get a scrape - you have hand sanitizer to disinfect the wound, and a band-aid to protect it. The needle and floss have a trio of purposes: 1) to stitch a button, zipper or tear in the tent. 2) the needle can be a fish hook, while the floss can be pretty strong fishing line. And 3) If need be - you could suture a gash on your skin - like Rambo. Yikes!

My favorite thing is the lighter and glue stick. I actually carry those items in my pocket. But for safety sakes - why not carry a spare in the jar? (Simply hold the glue stick in the flame for 3 seconds and dab it on whatever you need to hold together. Just don't stick it on your skin, because that hurts. If you want to stick your skin together, use crazy glue for that).

This mason jar emergency kit makes great gift too, because it reminds people to be prepared. While this kit may cost only a few bucks, everyone should know that safety is priceless!

May you be well & stay safe

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