Introduction: Mason Jar Sewing Kit

With so much sewing going on I found that my sewing supplies started to go everywhere because I had no real place to put them. To remedy this issue I found a great idea to make a small sewing kit out of a mason jar where all my supplies could be put where I could find them.

Step 1: Supplies

Here are the supplies I used to make my handy mason jar holder

A mason jar with a lid and a twist top

Hot glue gun



Step 2: Make the Pin Cushion Top

I started by making a pin cushion lid for the top of the mason jar. I had scraps of fabric and some extra polyfill.

I put the polyfill wrong side up on the table and put a small section of polyfill on top.

Then I pressed the lid, wrong side up onto the polyfill.

Carefully I used the glue gun to glue the edges of the fabric onto the bottom of the lid, holding the pin cushion together.

Step 3: Add Pin Cushion to Jar

After making the cushion it was time to add to it to the lid of the jar, which is pretty easy to do. I slid the ring around the pin cushion and slowly twisted it onto the jar.

Its good to test it out a little before finishing it. You might need to cut out some of the excess fabric on the bottom of the lid to have the lid sit on right.

You can also choose to put a ring of glue along the top edge of the ring between the fabric and the metal to hold the pin cushion onto the ring if you would like.

Step 4: Add Sewing Supplies

Now that the lid is done all i had left to do is fill the jar. I leave the jar on my sewing table so I can throw things in when I am done using it so it doesn't get strewn all over the place. The nearby pin cushion also comes in real handy when having to quickly stick needles aside.