Mason Jar Snow Globe

Introduction: Mason Jar Snow Globe

As a child, I always loved looking at snow globes. I was fascinated by the winter wonderland in the magnificent glass. Now I can make one and so can you!

Step 1: Materials Needed

The materials that are needed for this project include a mason jar, super glue, glitter, mini Christmas trees, water, and glycerin.
I used Gorilla Glue Precision Glue Pen, and it worked great.

Step 2: Soak Christmas Trees

Fill a bowl or jar with water and place trees into the water to soak overnight. Doing this ensures that the water in the final snow globe will be clear and not tinted with the color on the trees.

Step 3: Dry

Set the trees out on a paper towel to dry so that any left over dye will seep into the paper towel.

Step 4: Stuck Like Glue

Squirt glue onto the bottom of the Christmas trees. Place the trees on the inside of the jar's lid. Then, press down on the base of the tree to make sure that the tree is completely stuck to the lid. Let the glue dry for one hour.

Step 5: Wet N Wild

Fill the jar up with water until you are about one inch from the top. Then, add about 2 tablespoons of glycerin. Lastly, stir glycerin so it blends evenly throughout the water.

Step 6: The Best Part: Glitter!

Pour enough glitter in the water and glycerin mixture so that it covers the visible surface of water. Add as much glitter as your heart desires, but do not add too much, though, or the Christmas trees will not be very noticeable. Stir glitter around to help it sink in.

Step 7: Last Step!

Gently set the lid with trees attached onto the jar to see how much room is left. Then, top fill the remaining space with water. Lastly, tighten down with outer ring. After securing the lid tightly, flip the jar over and enjoy!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Apparently, it is possible to make one of these a bit "earthier."

    Yours is much cuter. :)


    6 years ago

    What size mason jar did you use? So far This is the only set of directions that don't say "add a dash of glycerine" or "add some glycerine but not too much!"

    So wanna know if you did 2 tablespoons for a pint or quart mason jar


    Reply 6 years ago

    I used the quart-sized Mason jar.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is adorable and we are going to be doing this--however to avoid eventual leakage run a bead of HOT GLUE or EPOXY or E600000000 (Can't remember the exact name but it works!) glue around the edge of the JAR and the LID to seal it up.

    Cute small trees for this can be found in Walmart in the ornament section---small ones were 75 cents and are about 3" tall and could be trimmed down if you were using a smaller jar or for differing heights; they also offered several different colors/finishes.

    We looked at the trees avail at a "hobby shop" for train sets and they were cute but extremely expensive!