Mason Jar Solar LED Fairy Lights



Introduction: Mason Jar Solar LED Fairy Lights

A cheap and simple solar light that reuses old solar lights and used mason jars.

Step 1: Materials

-Rechargeable nimh batteries

-fairy lights

-used solar light

Step 2: Electronics Extraction

1. Unscrew and take out the pcb.

2. Heat up the solar panel with a lighter

3. Using a screwdriver push out the solar panel from the back.

Step 3: Attaching the Solar Panel to the Mason Jar

Mark out where the solar panel goes. Draw a smaller square inside the square. Cut out the smaller square with a dremel and file down the sharp edges. Glue the solar panel in place with hot glue. Make sure to surround the entire solar panel. Mix up epoxy and surround the top of the solar panel with epoxy to stop moister from getting in.

Step 4: Preparing the Electronics

Remove the leds and the switch from its battery case as well as all the contacts.

Reinsert the single contacts to hold 1 rechargeable aa battery

Desolder the old leds and solder in the led strand.

Solder the battery leads to the contacts.

Solder extension wire to the solar panel input pads.

If you have a 10uh inductor that can be soldered in to make the leds brighter.

Place the circuit in the other AA battery slot and route the wires out of the case and close the case.

This can be epoxied for even greater water resistance.

Step 5: Finishing

Solder the solar panel in and seal up the mason jar. This solar fairy light is now finished.

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