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I had some mason jars laying around with nothing in them and I wasn't using them so I thought to myself I said self let's change that and make someone's day (my grandmother) so here's what I came up with:
1. Thread dispenser
2. Sewing kit
3. Pencil sharpener

let's get started shall we?

Step 1: Materials Needed

1. 3 Mason jars with lids
2. A nail
3. A hammer
4. Dremel with cut off wheel
5. A small nut and bolt
6. A bicycle spoke
7. A small aluminum pencil sharpener
8. Thread spools and miscellaneous sewing supplies
9. A sponge
10. A metal or nail file
11. About 15 -20 minutes of free time :-}

Step 2: The Thread Dispenser

Ok so grab a jar and lid, hammer and nail, your bicycle spoke, and spools of thread.
First you'll wanna make a few holes in the lid using your hammer and nail as shown in picture 2 and 3.

Make your first hole in the center and one on the outer edge of the lid for each spool you intend to use

Next take your bike spoke (it should still have it's nipple) and put it through the center hole measure it to the length of the spools and bend it 90° to keep the spools from falling off then cut/bend off the excess

Now you should have something like picture 4 the spokes nipple should be set firm in the middle hole now unscrew the spoke from the nipple and add your spools the spoke then re-scew the spoke to the nipple and push the ends of the thread through your other holes

now put your lid on your jar and there you have it!

Step 3: The Sewing Kit

Grab another jar and lid, hammer and nail, your sponge, and your nut and bolt.

This one's really easy punch another hole in the center of the the lid and the sponge (which you should cut to fit the lid) and screw your bolt through them then screw on your bolt to secure it all

Now fill the jar with all your sewing needs, push some pins and needles into in the sponge and done!

Step 4: The Pencil Sharpener

Now grab your last jar and lid, pencil sharpener, and dremel

For this one just mark the lids center with the shape of the top of the pencil sharpener and cut out the rectangle with your dremel be sure to make it just a little bit smaller than the sharpener so it will fit snuggly in the lid like it pictures 2-3 you can use a nail file or small metal file to remove the burs from cutting and to perfect the rectangle

Now insert the sharpener into the lid and screw the lid onto the jar and finished!

Step 5: Thank You for Reading :-}

If you have questions or suggestions feel free to let me know. I hope you enjoyed this instructable as much as I enjoyed making it have fun and be safe :-}

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