Mason Jar Tissue Box

Introduction: Mason Jar Tissue Box

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Mason jar tissue box is very different idea please give your good suggestions about it.

Step 1:

Things you'll need.

1.Mason jar.

2.Tissue paper.


4.Silver sheet.



7.Nail polish (because it give colour with shine)



Step 2:

First,take a Mason jar and with help of marker draw straight lines on it

now make the blocks on it.

Step 3:

Start doing the colours do two blocks blue and one block purple.

Follow this pattern on all over the Mason jar and let it dry.

Step 4:

Then,i start writing the tissue box on the mason jar by beads

and attach it with glue.

Step 5:

now,take the bow and put glue on it and attach it on mason jar.

Step 6:

take the lid of mason jar and cut it from center in rectangle shape .

Now,take silver sheet and cut the center same like lid and attach the lid to silver sheet

with glue.

now,make one more circle bigger then the lid and cut it with scissor.

Step 7:

Now colour the lid corner with blue nail polish and let it dry.

Step 8:

Take tissue paper and one by one fold both sides and put this in

mason jar.

Step 9:

Now,take the lid and pull the tissue paper from the center

of it and close the lid.

Enjoy your unique tissue box out of Mason jar.

Please give your suggestions..

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