Introduction: Mass Producing Valentine's

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If you like me and obsessed with crafting a gift for every holiday, you probably look for short cuts too :)
I make 55 of everything for every holiday. Here are the Valentine's I made this year.
It was nearly free. I went to Home Depot for the paint chip cards and I needed to buy Apple sauce and a lot of cinnamon.

First I made the "air fresheners".
Very simple. Just mix apple sauce and cinnamon till you get a roll-able dough. (need lots of cinnamon) Then roll out and cut with cookie cutters. You don’t want them to thin, they may end up to brittle. If you want holes for hanging, now is the time for that. I used a straw. Place on cookie sheet and bake at 350 for about 15 to 20 min (depends on how thick they are).

Next I started on the cards.
I made a simple template in Word out of a table that was 4x3. I decided on a message and made sure to leave room for the hearts. I also left the lines, so I would have a guide for when I cut them out. Print then cut. And set aside.

Now it is time to do the hearts.
Using the smaller of my double heart punch, I cut all of the hearts out of the paint chips. I got about 4 for every shade. Then I used the mini to punch all the baby hearts out. Using my paper crinkler I passed all of the big hearts through it. I was able to do 3 at a time. I then applied glue dots to all of the hearts. 1 big one for the big heart, and a mini dot for the tiny heart.

Time to wrap it up.
Now I just stuck them on the cards, ran some baking twine through the hearts, and bagged it all up in small zip bags. 3 hours later I was done!

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