Introduction: Massage Me Gamepad Hack

How to hack playstation gamepads keys and use the Massage me touch pad as a button inputs. You can use other sensors as well. This version works only for digital inputs unfortunately. Analog input version will be coming soon.

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Step 1: Open the Gamepad

We found the Hama PC-Gamepad Double Action AirGrip to be easy to hack.

First, unscrew all the screws on the gamepad and open it. The inside looks more or less like this (see picture). It also has motors for "Dual shock", but I took the picture after I cut the cable... sorry.

Step 2: How the Buttons Work on Gamepads

The buttons of the gamepad looks like this (see picture). There are 2 separated metal parts, and when you push the silicon button, the black conductive part inside the silicon button touches these metal parts and makes the connection, the electricity goes through and pushed the button. Note that these black conductive parts have 1.5k resistance.

Step 3: Extend the Button Inputs

One side of the metal part is connected to Vcc (3.5V) and the other side is connected to the microcontroller on the gamepad. To use Massage me input as buttons, we connected the Vcc to one side of the touchpad in the jacket, and the other side of the touchpad goes to the input connection of the microcontroller of the gamepad. 3.5v can be taken directly from the gamepad VDD (see picture). If it is not written on the circuit, it is the pin connected to the 5 th pin of the playstation plug (more info from

The Massage me Jacket has 10 different kind of buttons, up, down, right, left, triangle, circle squire ,cross, select and start. Each connection to the gamepad input for these buttons is extended with a cable (red cables on the picture).

Step 4: Connect to the Jacket Inputs

Extended cables from gamepad are connected to 14 pin male plug. Do not forget to put 1.5k register to each button input! Otherwise it can cause crazy input to the game console (and interesting results).

Connect the cables as shown in the pin configuration. The reason we use another 14 pin plug here is because it makes the connection to the Massage me plug easy. For construction of the cable, please see Massage me Custom cable .

Step 5: That's It! Put in the Box and Ready to Use

That's it!
Put the connected gamepad in the casing box. In our case, we put in some sponge to prevent the rattling noise and also covered the box with neoprene. Now it is ready to use!


Please also visit and videos at Massage me on YouTube