Master Cylinder and Brake Bleeder

Introduction: Master Cylinder and Brake Bleeder

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I want to do my cars brake serviced, and i was looking for a brake bleeder. And all i saw was expensive spray bottles.

So why i don't do it at home.

All you need is:

small (1,5L) garden sprayer, (6 €)

1/2m of silicone hose (around 1€)

3d Print a brake reservoir cap

I designed a reservoir cap in Fusion 360 and print it.

For those that don't want to design their own, here is a link to my design:

It is for Ford. But the thread is M48, so it will suit for other cars with this diameter.

Step 1: Assemble

After printing a cap, it doesn't left much to do. (i also print O-ring with TPE, but you can buy one for a couple of cents, but you will need it to hold the pressure.)

Just an screw the spraying cap of a sprayer.

Than use a hot air gun to heat silicon hose and slide it on a sprayer.

That's it.

For a 6-7 € you got a bleeder that normal cost around 60+ €

Now just fill it with brake fluid and use a pump to get so pressure. but don't go crazy. 1/2 Bar is more than enough.

And use a zip tie or someone to hold the valve open during bleeding the brakes.

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