Master Sword

Introduction: Master Sword

Here's something I made about a year ago. (The Master Sword.)

I used:
Cardboard (thick)
Cardboard (hotpockets box thin)
Long wooden 1/4in dowels(sticks)
Foil Tape
Hot Glue
Masking Tape
Plastic Cylinder
Plastic Easter Egg

Very simple, generalized instructions.

Easter egg hot glued to end of plastic cylinder-
Cut out handle pattern of master sword from a hotpockets box- glued to opposite end of cylinder
Masking tape over the handle-painted blue
2 pieces of thick cardboard are cut to the same shape (shape of master sword)
A 1/4in wooden stick is taped to one of the cutouts.
The other cutout is bent over the stick and taped to the other cutout.
The seams on the side of the 2 cutouts are taped together with foil tape.
The whole blade is covered with foil tape.
the end of the stick that is still showing is then glued/taped into the handle.
Everything is painted again- including patterns
Foil tape is smoothened out

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