Introduction: Mastering the Fold of a Fitted Sheet

Are you tired of bunching up that fitted sheet? Are you frustrated with the corners? Worry no more! In this tutorial, you will learn how to fold a fitted sheet. The size of your fitted sheet may vary, but these directions will still apply. This tutorial is a step-by-step way of learning not only to organize your sheets but also eliminate wasted space.


  • a fitted sheet (any size)

Step 1: Take Your Fitted Sheet and Turn It Inside Out.

(refer to the picture in step one for steps 1-3)

Step 2: Rotate the Sheet So That the Long Sides Are Parallel to the Ground.

Step 3: Stick Your Left Hand Into One Corner and Your Right Hand Into the Other Corner.

Step 4: Next, Bring Both Hands to Meet.

Step 5: With Your Hands Still Inside the Corners, Take Your Right Hand Over Your Left Folding the Corner Over the Other.

Step 6: Place the Right Hand Where Your Left Hand Was and Then Use Your Left Hand to Tuck in the Loose Fabric on the Side.

Step 7: Rotate the Sheet to the Left.

Step 8: Keep Your Left Hand in the Left Corner and Push the Fabric Into the Other Corner With Your Right. Just Like You Did in Step 3.

Step 9: Place Each Hand in a Corner.

Step 10: Lay the Sheet on the Ground or a Flat Surface.

Step 11: Fold Sheet From the Folded Edge Toward You in Three Sections.

Step 12: Flip the Long Folded Sheet Over.

Step 13: Then Fold Lengthwise From Left to Right in Three Sections. Viola! You Did It!