Introduction: Masu Box

Creating a Masu Box from paper.

Supplies needed

2 pieces of paper

a pair of scissors

a ruler

Step 1:

Start with two square pieces of paper. The box will not work if the papers are not square. One for the outside of the box, and one for the inside of the box. The inside of the box (white paper) should be slightly smaller than the outside of the box (red paper). Photo 1

You will create each box independently, I will build the inside box first with the white paper. The red paper will remain in the photos for contrast to help distinguish folds. It is OK to set it aside until the inner box is complete.

I will describe folds throughout each step, always fold on top of the paper, not underneath.

Take the white paper and fold it in half from the top to bottom, fold one. Unfold and fold the right side to left side for fold two. Unfold fold two. Photo 2

After the first two folds are complete and unfolded, the paper should have four equal sections and the papers center should stand off of the table after flipping it over. Photo 3

Tip: Make sure to make strong creases, it helps maintain the structure of the box when complete.

Step 2:

Take the four corners of the paper and fold them back into the center of the paper towards the creases.Photo 1

The paper should now look like photo 2

Step 3:

Take the upper left side of the diamond and fold the side in half, photo 1. Take the bottom right side of the diamond and fold it towards the center.Photo 1.

After both folds are made, the paper should be rectangle and look like two doors. Photo 2.

Step 4:

Unfold the door to return to the diamond shape.

Fold the upper right side of the diamond and the lower left side of the diamond to make another door. Photo 1

The paper should look like a rectangle again with two doors in the center. Photo 2

Step 5:

Unfold step four to return to the diamond shape.

Take the top left edge and the bottom right edge of the diamond and unfold the to make a shape like Photo 1.

Take the top right side and bottom left side and fold both sides towards the center. Photo 2

Step 6:

We will create the sides of the box within this step.

The two flaps we created in the last fold in step five, we will open up vertically. They should naturally want to stay up. Photo 1

Place a finger in center of the open flaps and fold the upper left part of the paper up and over into the base of the box where the finger is placed. Photo 2

The box should now have three complete sides. Photo 3

Step 7:

The final fold of the inside of the box will be taking the flap on the bottom right and folding it up and over towards the center of the box. Photo 1

Step 8:

The inside of the box is complete. Photo 1

Step 9:

To complete the outside of the box, follow steps one through eight as before.

The outside of the box will fit over the inside and your Masu box is complete. Photo 1

Step 10:

Masu Boxes can be made in all sizes

Try mixing it up next time with magazine pages

Photos printed on paper

Wrapping paper

Scrap book paper

Personal drawings

Famous Artwork Prints