Introduction: Match Protector- Save Your Fingers From Burns!

Ever burn yourself because a match went too far up the matchstick? The solution is simple and easy to make, needing no more than 15 seconds.

Step 1: Materials

Simple materials you probably (hopefully) have laying around-

Match (doh!)

Aluminum Foil

Opional stuff that makes the project easier, but not necessary-

Knife (more fun than scissors)

Table edge


Step 2: Cut! or Tear!

Take a strip of aluminum foil and cut/tear it to a nice strip about 1/2- 3/4 This doesnt have to b eperfect, just fold the foil into a general rectangular shape....

Step 3: Wrap!

Wrap the results of the previous step around the matchstick, at whatever length you see fit. See the match for a few recommendations.

Make sure to wrap in such a way that the aluminum foil completely seals off the two portions of the match- if you don't, the flame will just keep on burning....

Step 4: Light!

That's it!!!! Your done!!!!!!
You've created a disposable guard for any size match. Soon, It'll take about 5 seconds to do the entire project, from start to end. :D

*To make a perfect line if tearing, crease the foil along a table edge first.