Introduction: Match Sticks Architecture

I will be showing you how to make buildings out of match sticks. This will take A LOT of patience. You will just need matches, time, and hot glue.

Step 1: Preparation

I began by cutting over 10 boxes of matches heads off and putting the sticks into a bucket.

Step 2: Base.

I started by overlapping matches to make a double wide long match pole. I then connected it with 2 matches in top and bottom to form a slanted rectangle. Two of these were then put together to form an arch. I then used more matched to form the arching middle.

Step 3: First Third

I then glued all the sides together to form a three dimensional shape. This base was then lined with match sticks to form a railing.

Step 4: Middle Half

I then made the second half by doing the same thing that I did for the base. After this was done. I put it together and added joints so they would all connect.

Step 5: Finally

I then made a very tall trapezoidal pyramid that I placed on top for the top half. I then placed a triangular dome on top to form the tip and then you are done!