Introduction: Match Rocket/cannon

About: I absolutly love airplanes and just about anything with an airfoil. I own 6 Chickens and love inventing and building stuff.

This is how to make the BEST match rocket!

I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INGERY OR DEATH. (you wont die unless you do somthing really stupid (like pouring gas on it))

So, let's get started!

Step 1: Supplies!

Here are the things that you will need!

2 heavy duty STRIKE ANYWERE matches (They have a grey tip). (strike on box doesent really work so well)
a box for matches.
a lighter.

Step 2: Make It!

Curl the tinfoil like so. (pic 1)
Stick the matches in just like there. (pic 2)
Then twist it closed! (pic 3)

Step 3: Shoot It!

On the video yes that is me saying OOHPH! in a saprano voice but hey, I did not expect it to work!