Introduction: Matchbox Drawers

Step 1: What You Will Need

(1) sheet of red paper (2) 8 empty match boxes (that are the same size) (3) 8 drawing pins (4) scissors (5) glue

Step 2:

Take the matchbox drawers out of their cases and put the drawers aside. Now make 2 towers of 4 matchbox cases on top of each other and glue them now glue the 2 towers of 4 cases side by side put that aside to dry. Now get the 8 matchbox drawers, you can make a template from the shorter side of the drawer and draw round that 8 times or you can just draw the shorter side of the drawer 8 times (when I say draw I mean on the red paper) once you have these 8 rectangles of red paper glue them onto the shorter side of the drawers now get your 8 drawing pins and push them through the middle of the shorter side you just stuck the red paper on now put these aside. Now get the (I don't have a name for the towers that you stuck together so I'll call it a box) box that you made and cover all the sides that don't have holes it with glue then place it at the edge of the paper and roll it along until the ends meet then you cut the paper and stick it down. Now cut off all the excess paper on the front and back then stick the drawers in and you are done (you can put some paper on the back but I find it easier to push the drawers out by the back than pulling them from the front but it's up to you)