Introduction: Matchbox Hue Go Light

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Lights are vital in our life.Just imagine your life without bulb and torch which is the source of light for us.

But these bulb's and light also can malfunction's and stop working, or power supply goes off which will create a problem in the night. To solve this issue many emergency lights and torch are available in the market.In this instructable's I'm going to make an emergency light. You might seem many lights in the market, but I ensure you that I'm going to make a different torch which is small and portable.

About our Torch

As title justifies "Matchbox Hue Go Light." Our torch doesn't just have one light; it has two types of light. One white and blue color light which we can change when we want. We're going to make a small torch, so this might be a problem to find it as it is small. To solve this issue, I have decided to make this torch capable of attached to any metal surface. So we can just throw it on any metal surface, and it gets stuck there.

Step 1: Materials List

For our Matchbox Hue Go Light we require some materials.

These are as follow:

1. An empty Matchbox

2. A PCB Board

3. 3V Micro Lithium Cell

4. A pair of white and blue lights

5. A small Iron strip

6. A Powerful Magnet

7. Some Wires

8. A Super Glue

After collecting these things we can now proceed to next step

Step 2: Placing Led's Into the Board

Take your PCB Board and cut it by counting its dots. Cut it six dots long and four dots width. Cut one more exact copy of the board.It should look like one in the picture above.

Now put one led in the middle of 2 dots of all four dots like shown in the picture. Fold its iron strips going outside of the PCB board (see the photo). On the other side of the board place the second same color light on the board and be sure to put both positive strips on the same aspect of the board.

Step 3: Completing the Led Board

On the Board on which we're working before, add wire on the both side of positive and negative strips of both LEDs. Also, insert a tape on the backside of the board to keep the things in its place, and you can also use a soldering iron to fix led and wires.

Make one another led board of another light (I used blue for the second one). Use the same method as before to make the second led board.

Step 4: Wiring the Box

We've made our LED Boards now we need to make its wiring system.First, take wire which has iron strip inside it (Like one in the picture).

Take out the metal piece which is inside it using the Plier. One's you get it make a hole on one side of the matchbox (only in the inner box). Put one side of the metal into the box in the tilted shape. Then fold the metal strip which is outside to the inside of the box (see the pictures). Do this again on the diagonally opposite side of the box. After doing this place the led board in the box facing each other and connect its negative wire to the metal strip which we've made. Connect the positive wire of both led board together and keep the wire in which they are connecting in the middle of the box.

Step 5: Connecting Battery

Again take out the metal strip from the wire and this time take the length of wire 5 cm. Make a hole in the box in the front of the previous hole on the both side at the distance of 1.5 cm.

After making the hole on both sides fold it as we did before and tilting it metal strip to the previous hole (see the picture).Now place the battery between the metal strip and positive wire.

Step 6: Fixing Battery at Its Place

Take a Thermocol to keep the battery in its place. Check the size of the thermocol required to maintain battery on its place on your own.

See how I cut the thermocol and put it at the top of the battery. Put a tape on the thermocol to keep it fixed in its place.

Step 7: Adding Magnet

To make our Matchbox Hue Go Light can be attached to any metal surface, we've to put a powerful magnet in it. Use a small but powerful magnet which can lift the weight of our box and keep it attached to the metal surface. Does this by paste the magnet inside the box in a corner using superglue. Paste the magnet on the lower surface of the box.

Step 8: Final Step

Now we're on the final step of this project. To make lights glow all we need to do is to add a flat metal strip on the outside box of the Matchbox. Using a superglue to paste the metal piece at the starting corner of the box at its top. Also, do this on the diagonally opposite side of the box.

After it dries carefully put the box inside it.

The work of metal piece inside is just to complete the circuit. When the metal strip (which is on the inside of the box) touches the metal piece which we paste on the outer box now will make the circuit close and let the LEDs glow.

Step 9: Conclusion

Yeah we,ve made the Matchbox Hue go Light together. You can color it as you want. Now we can use it as an emergency light or use it for a candle night dinner.

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