Introduction: Matchbox Popper

I got this idea from a book called Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction. Using nothing but a box of matches and some tape you can make a harmless but loud small scale explosion. This is my first instructible so ignore any mistakes,

Step 1: What You'll Need

So to get started you will need.

1 box of matches,
Electrical tape,
and scissors.

Step 2: Fuel and Ignition

Take the outer box off the match box and cut one of the striking sides out, then place it in the front end.

Step 3: Wrap It Up

Now wrap it up tightly with electrical tape, and make sure the ends are sealed up tight.

Step 4: Your Done!!!

Your done!!! So go outside and throw it hard at a wall or hard surface, the matches will strike on the striking surface creating pressure inside the box, it might take a second but the pressure will build up so much the box will explode. Remember, safety first! Never throw the box at another person or near fire hazards. Explosives are dangerous and can cause fire or injury. You assume all liability. Eye and ear protection are recommended. Thanks.