Matchstick Puzzle Game

Introduction: Matchstick Puzzle Game

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Getting bored between friends or in parties. Want to try something great over friends via brain games. All you just need is a few matchsticks and peoples to play with . A perfect and instant puzzle game for any occasion. Ask them or Bet them this will be going to a great fun. So what are you waiting just pick few sticks and start puzziling your friends or family members and let them put in work of creative thinking. In this instructable i am presenting few puzzel bank and their solutions at the end.
Lets Begin!

Step 1: Puzzle 1: Move 2 to Create 6 Squares

Move 2 matchsticks to create 6 squares. All squares don't have to be equal in size and also don't have to be linked.

Step 2: Puzzle 2 : Triangle 3X3: Remove 9 Leaving 2 Unequal Triangles

Take away 9 matchsticks to leave only 2 triangles. The 2 triangles must NOT be equal in size.

Step 3: Puzzle 3: Matchstick Heads Only

It's easy to create a square with 4 matchsticks, but can you do it in such a way that only the 4 matchstick heads touch the surface?

Step 4: Puzzle 4:Mathematical: 1 Minus 1 Is Not 3

Move 4 matchsticks to make the equation true.

Step 5: Puzzle 5: Add 4 to Create 10 Squares

Add 4 matchsticks to the layout above to form 10 squares. All matchsticks do not have to be flat on the surface and all squares don't have to be equal in size.

Step 6: Answers to Puzzle

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    Jing Wen
    Jing Wen

    Question 2 years ago on Step 1

    Does every match stick need to be part of the square?