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Introduction: Material Box

A lot of materials gets wasted each time we make something.Instead of wasting these materials , what if we can reuse it ?

Material Box is an easy to make box , to dump extra materials , so that you can reuse them again.

Step 1: Materials Required.

Before we start we need to grab these materials.

1.Metal square pipes( 2 cm X 2 cm ).

2.Plywood( 16 mm ).

3.Square mesh( plastic ).

4.Zip Ties (16 nos).

5.Nuts and bolts(10 nos).

6.Metal rods( 3 mm ).

Step 2: Lets Cut the Pipes.

Now lets cut the Pipes in to the right dimensions. We need to cut out four 100 cm pieces and four 70 cm pieces.

100 cm piece.- 4 nos.

70 cm piece. - 4 nos.

Step 3: Weld the Pipes Together.

Weld the Pipes.

A 70 cm and a 100 cm pipes are kept vertical. Another 70 cm pipe is weld at 90 degree connecting both Vertical pipes , at 40 cm from the bottom end.

Connect a 100 cm pipe to frame diagonally, on the other side of the vertical pipes.

Now make a mirror of the frame.

Note: Mirror the frame . The frames are not identical , when held together both diagonal pipes should face each other.

Step 4: Cut the Plywood.

Cut the plywood in the specified dimensions.

Step 5: Angled Cut at the Edge.

Make a 40 degree angled cut at one edge of the smaller piece of plywood.

Step 6: Lets Make the Inner Cuts.

Make the inner cuts as per the dimensions. In the smaller piece the cut starts at the angled edge.

Step 7: Now Lets Drill Holes.

Lets make through and through holes ontwo 100 cm pipes and two 70 cm pipes.

Drill 8 mm diameter holes on the pipes at the specified points.

70 cm Long pipes. ( 2 nos ).

Drill hole at 8.76 cm from the end.

Drill hole at 17.65 cm from other hole.

100 cm Long pipes. ( 2 nos ).

Drill 3 holes , each with 25 cm between them.

Note: The holes are to attach the plywood.The exact positions or sizes of the holes can vary provided the change is made on the plywood as well.

Step 8: Lets Drill Few More Holes.

Drill holes to attach the metal rod.The holes are made on the inside faces. The holes are not through and through.

On 70 cm Long Pipes. ( 2 nos ).

Drill hole on two adjacent sides , at 2.5 cm from the top end.

Drill a hole 30 cm below the previous hole on the side of the diagonal pipe.

On 100 cm Long Pipes. ( 2 nos ).

Drill hole on two adjacent sides , at 2.5 cm from the top end.

Step 9: Holes on the Plywood .

1.Drill 25 mm diameter hole on to the plywood 5 mm deep.

2.Drill 8 mm through and through hole at the center of it.

3.Insert a metal washer in to the hole , as shown.

Note : The position and sizes of the holes are based on the holes on the metal pipe.

Step 10: Adding Reepers.

Add two 2 cm wide and 20 cm long reepers on the top facing side of the bigger plywood using nails.

Step 11: Screw the Plywood to the Frame.

Screw the plywood to the frames .Insert 3 mm rods in to the holes in the frame.

Step 12: Cut the Mesh to Fit the Sides.

Cut the mesh to cover the sides of the box.

Step 13: Insert the Metal Rods Through the Mesh.

Insert the metal rods through the top and bottom of the front mesh and top part of the back mesh.

Step 14: Painting.

Paint the Metal frame and the Mesh. Painting is done by first applying a coat of primer and then the final coat above it.

Step 15: Stain the Plywood.

The plywood is stained with Taralac wood stain, any dark color would be fine.

Step 16: Assemble Everything.

Screw the plywood to the frame. Use Zip ties to fix the mesh firmly.

Step 17: Done..!!! ...Now Lets Start Filling It.

Now lets fill the box with all the extras we have. And use it for your next project.

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