Introduction: Materials

Hi my name is Matthew Fragodt, have you ever been fishing and you were reeling up a fish and the shithead came off along with your hook? Yeah, me too. I used to be in the same situation as you until I figured my stuff out. Ever since I learned how to tie my hook the best way possible, I have not lost a fish. I am going to show how to be a better angler in just a few steps on how to tie a hook onto your fishing line in a great way.

Buy a little kid fishing rod and some jigs that have twister tails from walmart. You will also need a nail clipper, knife or a scissors. These are the materials you need to be successful.

Step 1: Twisting the Line

Stick the end of the line into the eye of the jig and grab the end of the line and the other side in one hand, with the other hand grab the jig. Twist the job about 8 times.

Step 2: Pulling

Put the end of the line trough the circle in the line down towards the eye of the jig. Grab the end after it’s through the hole and pull.

Step 3: Finishing

Grab the jig and the actual line and pull. It should be tight going down to the jig. Once pulled tight, grab your nail clippers and cut the excess line off and you are good to go.

Step 4: Video

Step 5: