Introduction: EL Wire Lighting Up to Sound

For this instructables project, I thought I would take an audio sensor, EL Wire and a jacket and have the EL wire form an (A) for Alabama. The goal for the project: I want the EL wire to light up when someone made noises.

Below is a video of a demonstration of the EL wire A blinking when I make sound.

Step 1: ELwired Jacket

EL wire starter 
Audio sound sensor
Liquid Stitch Glue
Pure Color ribbin (black)
8x AA battery 

Step 2: Step 1: Sowing Arduino and Audio Sound Sensor to Jacket

First, I cut a hole down one side of jacket (AKA inside) and I sewed the sound sensor to the collar of the jacket with needle and thread. Then I did the same with the arduino, but I put it inside the hole I made.

Step 3: Step 2: Make Templates With the Fabric

 I do recommend you drawing and cutting out templates on paper before cut the fabric

First I made templates out of paper and put the templates on the fabric. I cut the fabric into each of the paper shape templates… 

Step 4: Step Three: Ironing on the Cut Fabric With Heat-n-Bond

I took the Heat-n-Bond Hem tape and placed pieces on the jacket were I was going to put the fabric. Once I laid the fabric over the Heat-n-Bond, I took my iron and placed it on top of the fabric. I let the iron set for 20 seconds. (count 1,2,3…20) For where the buttons are, I split the fabric down the middle. Once I put down the Heat-n-Bond and fabric, I wouldn’t cover the buttons.

Step 5: Step 4: Adding Black Ribbon to Jacket

I added black ribbon on the ends of the fabric pieces on the jacket for looks and to protect the ends of the fabric from ripping/tearing ex. I recommending you gluing and lying down the ribbon a little bit at a time and let the glue dry for 30 minutes or so before continuing with gluing and lying ribbon down.

Step 6: Step 5: Hook Up the Components. Inverter, Relay, and Battery

I bought an inverter and a 8x AA battery holder. I connected each piece accordingly. Look at the drawing, this shows how I connected everything. 

Step 7: Last Step: Sowing on the EL Wire to Jacket

So I finally get to sew on the el wire, and this was frustrating process. My first attempt, I sewed only certain areas to hold the shape in place. What I came across was that the wire was moving out of its shape. (I unpinned areas before I sewed) For instance, like the thread wasn't tight enough. Man was this giving me problems… I ended up not liking how it turned out. I unstitched it and moved the wire some to change the look. Man was that a mistake. So I repined the whole thing. By this time, the shape is completely out-of-wack. So, I ended up leaving the A wacky. 

I guess the lesson learned is if you pin the wire to jacket or something, don't unpin anything until you are done sowing. That was the biggest thing I should've not done. I had unpinned an area I was going to sew and that's how the wire got out-of-wack…. When I was moving the jacket back and forth, the wire was bending and moving….  PIN AND DON'T REMOVE PIN UNTIL YOU ARE DONE SEWING.