Introduction: Materials

Using these instructions we made a prop jetpack. We hope it will be as fun for you as it was for us.
Here is what you will need

Tissue box 
3 Toilet Paper rolls
Aluminum Foil
Hot Glue
2 Powerade bottles or other bottles around the same size
1 2 liter bottle

Step 1: Foil Wrapping

In this step wrap the tissue box and toilet paper rolls and glue the foil down with hot glue.
Then glue the toilet paper rolls onto tissue box as shown in photo.

Step 2: Bottles

First wrap aluminum foil around center of 2 liter bottle. (As shown in picture)
Then hot glue the Bottle into the third toilet paper roll. Finally glue third roll in between the other two.

Step 3: Powerade Bottles

First wrap the bottles in aluminum foil and hot glue them so that the aluminum foil stays on.
Then to finish glue one bottle into each side toilet paper rolls.
Viola you have the finished product